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Local Values

Message from the CEO

RSG’s goal is to provide the state of Qatar with the highest quality services. We set targets and we don’t just reach them, we surpass them.

We are inspired and guided by our local values in everything we do, whether it’s the development of a dynamic new real estate project, providing high quality hospitality services, or looking to Europe and the Far East to find quality partners and ideas.

RSG has the courage to lead change and we accept the responsibility to encourage growth and development in Qatar by introducing fresh ideas and developing talent. We will continue the drive towards a high performance organisation that delivers value to our investors.

RSG’s concept is to be a collection of independent enterprises that work together or separately, based on the needs of our clients. We designed RSG this way because we recognised the demand for flexible, quality services that reflect the needs of our clients and those of Qatar.

Ali Taimour
Chief Executive Officer